Virtual Sexology – A Sex Therapy Program from BaDoinkVR

Anyone who wants to improve their skills at lovemaking should take a look at Badoink VR. The renowned virtual reality adult site has a sex therapy program. It’s being hailed as a breakthrough in the VR porn world. Virtual Sexology uses the connectivity which comes from teledildonic technology. The new content combines it with virtual reality engineering. When it is all said and done, the result is a sexual educational program like nothing ever used before. People can experience therapy which goes a step further. The sexual pleasure a person receives is enhanced. At the same time, Virtual Sexology promises to improve a person’s performance. Best of all, they can use it alone or with others.

In order to improve how an individual performs in the bedroom sexually, they will learn various techniques. These include methodology that has been proven to work when it comes to sex. In addition, the person will learn to be more confident, relaxed and in control. All of which are extremely important as far as sex is concerned. There is only one downside to this amazing new form of virtual reality therapy. In order for people to get it, they have to be a BadoinkVR subscriber. Still, since their trial only costs a few bucks to check out, it is not that expensive.




With access to the virtual reality porn video, a person will gain an overview of what Virtual Sexology is all about. So far, there are two Virtual Sexology porn videos available. One features the luscious and hot pornstar August Ames. She can be seen in the VR porn video giving plenty of play by play instructions.  The other shows how to discover sexual empowerment for females using a hands-on approach.




The innovative and interactive sex education program could open the door for others in the future. Virtual reality and porn are just beginning to breakthrough. No one really knows what both have in store for the population. But already the impact has been felt as demonstrated by the large number of people purchasing VR headsets. Additionally, there has been an unprecedented rise in the viewing of VR porn related content. The program is also designed for women and by them. Using VR technology, BadoinkVR and these women are proving that it is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.

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